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The Title of This is…tbc

I’ve been mulling over a strong title for my current book. Being the very first thing that a reader, publisher or agent will see, it should be well constructed, not inept. I’m aiming for ept. Creating one should be dead … Continue reading

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The dog ate my brain

…would be a perfect excuse for a certain amount of mental malfunction recently. The only minor inconvenience is that I don’t possess a dog. The children long ago came to realise that when I’m slightly distracted bad things happen. Very … Continue reading

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Festivals I’ve just got to get to…

Tomato  hurling.  Chucking  tomatoes  at  your  nearest  and  dearest  or,  if  your  throwing  arm  is  good  enough,  at  your  furthest  and  worstest,  or  indeed  complete  strangers.  Covering  everyone  and  everything  in  sight  with  squishy  red  pulp  and  sticky  scarlet  juice.  … Continue reading

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